Community First High School: People for the People standing up for the innocent and the weak!
Community First High School: People for the People     standing up for the innocent and the weak!



My name is Kiara Myshell Ward. I am a sixteen-year-old graduate of Community First High School. I recently passed the  Hiset test on June 29, 2018, with a score of sixty-five, which was twenty points higher than the required score. I would not have been able to make that score without the help of the staff at Community First.

My experience at Community First High School was great. The teachers; Ms. Parker, Mrs. Warren, and Mrs. Musgrow, are the best teachers I have ever had. Before attending Community First, I was in the eleventh grade at a ninth-grade math level. Within the six months, I was at Community First the math teacher, Ms. Parker, helped me reach college level in math. Ms. Parker has always gone out of her way to help me with something I did not understand. She would prepare extra work and take extra time to explain the math problems and show me step by step on how to work them out.

When I first arrived at Community First High School, I needed a little improvement in English Language Arts and writing. Mrs. Warren, the English Language Arts teacher, also prepared extra work for me to improve any skills that needed improving. She has also temporarily given me a workbook to work out of and a mini dictionary to enhance my vocabulary. Mrs. Warren is also the assistant director of Community First High School.

About a week after I started attending Community First, Mrs. Musgrow, the science and social studies teacher, joined the staff. She teaches social studies on Mondays and Tuesdays and science on Thursdays and Fridays. Science and social studies are my two favorite subjects. Mrs. Musgrow made learning fun compared to the teachers I have had in the past. She always found some type of project, activity, or real-life situation going on in the world at that time that would tie into the lesson.

Then there is Mr. Garrison Peters, the director and founder of Community First High School. Mr. Garrison is a man who gets things done. If there is a problem, he is the one to fix it. If he has a vision, he will get it done. Mr. Garrison makes sure his students have everything they need to get their Hiset and more. He is big on respect. If you disrespect him, his staff, or other students you will be removed from class. Mr. Garrison keeps his classroom peaceful so all students are able to learn and do their best.

Everyone at Community First High School is loving, caring, helpful, respectful, and only want the best for all of the students and each other. My experience at Community First was amazing and life-changing for the best.


By: Kiara M. Ward


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