Community First High School: People for the People standing up for the innocent and the weak!
Community First High School: People for the People     standing up for the innocent and the weak!

Our School


Proven Success: Our students consistently increase their grade-level test scores!


Students participating in the CFHS curriculum received the following outcomes:

  • Paid HISET Exam fees

  • Receive HISET Certificate

  • Create a higher self-worth

  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Lower high school dropout rates

  • Instill better attitude about school

  • Produce healthier relationships and lifestyle choices

  • Decrease the likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use

  • Form stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers

Students will complete literacy training in the following areas:

Total: 24 Hours

  • Four Hours of Family Counseling Literacy

  • Four Hours of Health Literacy

  • Four Hours of Financial Literacy

  • Eight Hours of Community Service

  • Four Hours of Basic Technical Literacy


Our Impact


We impact the lives of our students by offering more!


  • Mentorship throughout the curriculum

  • Family Counseling Literacy*

  • Health Literacy*

  • Financial Literacy*

  • Community Service*

  • Basic Technical Literacy*

  • Food Program for Young Mothers and Fathers with children of age 6 and below

  • Job Placement Assistance

  • Interview Prep

*Community First High School pays for the HISET test once students have completed these specific topics.