Community First High School: People for the People standing up for the innocent and the weak!
Community First High School: People for the People     standing up for the innocent and the weak!


Many of us know how high an issue high school dropout rate is. Some of us have friends and loved ones that are affected. We know that high school dropout happens each year. I started Community First High School to curve the dropout rate and offer individuals a fresh start to earn their HiSet-High School Equivalency Diplom for free. We understand the staggering weight facing this generation.

We’ve heard all the big statistics...but please allow me to share the small ones...

$10 can provide one student with a binder, paper, and pencils.
$20 can provide one student an hour of individual attention with a counselor and a nutritious breakfast
every day
$50 can provide one student with a school t-shirt and a school identification badge which is required to attend school
$200 can provide one student all the above plus the cost of the HiSet exam fee

To give go to and click the Donate button. If you are within the Louisiana region, you may visit any Carter Federal Credit Union and tell them you would like to make a donation to Community First High School. We are a non-profit 501 (c)3 school so all donations are tax deductible.


Our School's purpose is to:

Offer individuals aged 16 and older who have not enrolled in a local school system the opportunity to obtain their HISET, or High School Equivalency Test Certificate.
The objectives of Reach One...Teach One are:
1. The creating and fostering of an environment that nurtures high self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence.
2. Enable students to develop healthier relationships with parents, teachers, and peers.
3. Facilitate positive lifestyle choices. It is our goal to break the chains of the “school to prison” pipeline. Research states that in the United States, 1.3 million students drop out of high school each year. Males make up 60 percent of these dropouts, along with the African-American and Hispanic minority population being 45 percent of these dropout percentages, in contrast to 20 percent of Caucasians and Asians. Out of the 50 states in the United States, only 21 require students to attend high school until the age of 18, or earn a high school diploma.
4. Promoting community service. Our school designates Fridays as community service days. Not only do we challenge students to succeed in their own lives, but be the catalyst for success in the life of another who is less fortunate. Our students serve at clothing drives, soup kitchens, and in the nursing homes.
So far, Each One...Teach One has these successes, for we are very proud of our students:1.Some of our students scoring above the Louisiana state average for HISET. In Louisiana, students must earn a 45 or better to earn their HISET certificate. Our students score in the range between 50-65.
At Community First High School, Each One...Teach One program consists of the following programs:1. Educational Instruction. For this area, students receive skills in a smaller setting by competent and certified teachers. We are also in the process of adding night classes, so students who have families and responsibilities can continue to do so.2. Family counseling. Our organization has two counselors on staff that offers confidential, one-on-one counseling services to students, as well as to conduct whole-class workshops. These counseling services range from drug and alcohol abuse counseling to referrals to outside counseling services,3. Mentoring Program. In the Reach One. Teach One program; follow up services are conducted for 12 months after a student exits the program. We contact listed contacts to schedule home visits. Open communication is maintained to track and monitor post-secondary education and/or employment retention. We also cater to the requested needs of participants. 4. Health Education. Students are able to attend workshops on obtaining proper nutrition, as well as visiting nurses to be screened for diabetes, and high blood pressure, without worrying about the skyrocketing costs of health insurance.5. Financial Literacy- Community First has a partnership with our local banks. Bankers come to our facility to teach students financial competency skills such as opening and maintaining a bank account, balancing a checkbook, and using debit cards responsibly.6. Domestic Violence Prevention-Group meetings are conducted with students of the male and female gender, as well as individual genders. Self-defense classes are given. Students are also taught how to deescalate conflict situations and how to identify the types of abuse (emotional, mental, physical, and verbal). Domestic violence is not just physical abuse. We stress to our students that any type of abuse is not condoned. Our local sheriff’s department also comes in to assist with how to draft protection orders and how to slowly and cautiously break free from these types of relationships. 7. Job Placement/Interview Preparation, participants can attain degree certification in a vocational skill obtained through partnerships with local businesses. (i.e. construction, allied health, social services, administrative roles, and teacher assistance) We also assist with interview skills such as preparing a resume, dressing for success, and proper language during interviews.
Community First High School
(F) focus on the quality of life
(I) instruction that is
(R) rigorous, but meaningful to prepare
(S) students for success in a University,
(T) technological, and Trade society.
Where critical thinkers are created for the future & beyond
*Community First: People for the People is a nonprofit organization. Any information pertaining to Community First: People for the People cannot be discussed in any form or fashion through media, language, and advertisement without the written consent from the Director of Programs. All information is considered confidential unless given permission in writing to be used. If you have any questions, please email Garrison Peters, Director of Programs, at We will be happy to assist with any questions or comments that you may have. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response.
Motto: Standing up for the innocent and the weak!

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