Community First High School: People for the People standing up for the innocent and the weak!
Community First High School: People for the People     standing up for the innocent and the weak!



Your future is now;

Your past was yesterday;

And your world is tomorrow!

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Louisiana HiSET® Requirements

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Welcome to Community First High School

Are you ready to continue your education and build your life? Then Community First: People for the People is the right place for you. Our program is designed to help you advance in your professional career or personal life. Our HiSET mentoring and job training program will help you get your life back on track, and help you see your future.

There is a critical need for students to receive their HiSET because of low job marketing in the United States. Increasingly, employers are requiring applicants to have achieved at least their high school credentials when applying.


Community First: People for the People offers a program that lines our students' path to success towards achieving their HiSET!